By limiting our guests to two people, Pierre-Louis Costes will be able to give you a tailor-made experience adapted to your skills level with the best attention possible. The purpose of COSTES CAMPS is to create the best experience for our guests with a former World Champion of bodyboarding and give the maximum comfort for each of our campers.
It doesn’t matter your level of skills to attend the camps, each of our guest will receive help from Pierre-Louis Costes accordingly to their ability.
The main reason limiting the camps to two people is to make sure each of our guests will have the best attention possible from Pierre-Louis Costes. We will always look for a common ground between the two guests but it will all depend on swell size and the spot we will surf, we may even go ride two or three differents waves during the same day so everyone can have fun  and a chance to be satisfied.
We will mainly chase waves in the western region of Portugal including the areas of Costa Da Caparica, Carcavelos, Sintra, Ericeira, Peniche and Nazaré. Those areas provide a huge variety of waves for every type of bodyboarder.
If you are planning to come by plane,the best way is to fly to Lisbon International Airport, our accomodation is located 15 minutes away from it. We will pick you up from there.
Portugal is probably the most consistent country for waves in the world. It is never flat,there is always somewhere offshore and there is a huge variety of set-ups ideal for bodyboarding. Spring from March to June and Autumn from September to December are probably the best time to come to Portugal, the beachbreaks usually have good sandbanks during this period and the swells are clean enough for reefbreaks.
Portugal is one of the sunniest country in Europe with 300 days a year of sunshine. We can confidently say the weather will be most likely be warm and sunny. The average annual temperature in Portugal is 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) during the day and 13.5 °C (56.3 °F) at night.
General water temperatures are between 14–19 °C (57–66 °F), depending on whether upwelling (cooler water) or downwelling (warmer waters) dominates. You will most likely need a 4/3mm or 3/2 wetsuit.
We strongly recommend you to bring your own material for obvious reasons but if you feel like traveling with a backpack only, all the gear you need will be provided , boards , fins and wetsuits will be available at COSTES CAMPS. There is also a bodyboarding shop and various surfshops shops nearby our accommodation and Pierre-Louis Costes will be pleased to bring you and help you buy anything you may need.
Pierre-Louis Costes speaks four languages including French,English,Portuguese and Spanish. His travels and experiences around the world gave him the ability to communicate with almost everyone and will give you the attention you need in your preferred language.
All days will be most likely different and adapted around the forecasts and surf conditions. Portugal has a huge variety of waves and they all need different tides or winds which means there isn’t a daily specific schedule. We will chase the best waves Portugal has to offer within a close distance of the camp. Expect to wake up relatively early, ride in the morning , lunch at the camp or a restaurant nearby the wave, rest and chill, ride again in the afternoon and diner at the camp or a local restaurant. Portugal is a rich culturally country, meanwhile our main focus will be chasing waves, we will make sure you get to also live the culture and visit some of the most famous and emblematic places of the country. We want our guests to have a good time and a great memory from their experiences at COSTES CAMPS, we will make sure to adapt to all your demands also and nobody will be forced to do anything. We can guarantee each day will be fulfilled with fun, laughs and good times inside and outside the water.
One of best thing about Portugal is the food, part of the experience at Costes Camps is to live the local culture and eating in some of the restaurants Pierre-Louis Costes will take you makes part of this experience. The price of the food here is relatively cheap so expect to eat very well at a very decent price. Do not worry about eating, Pierre-Louis Costes will be also be happy to cook a healthy meal for you and there is also a huge variety of restaurants in Costa Da Caparica that do home delivery or take away.