by Pierre-Louis Costes


I love bodyboarding. I often say it but the more I grow as a human being, the more I understand how much bodyboarding has shaped my life and the individual I am today.

It is more than a sport, it is a culture, a way of living your days. It can also happen to be a way to escape reality. It is proven that spending time in the ocean re-energizes and revitalizes your mind and your body. So what better way to be doing so than riding waves on a bodyboard for unlimited time?

Bodyboarding has given me everything, I travelled the entire world, met incredible people and discovered new cultures, it gave me a family and even a successful career as an athlete. I lived experiences of a lifetime and I was lucky to share them with friends and people I love.

My passion and love for bodyboarding is so strong that I felt it was time to move to the next step and now build something where I could pass on my knowledge and the values of our beloved sport & lifestyle to the people who are willing to. This is why I decided to create COSTES CAMPS, a project inspired by my history and my belief that sharing what makes us happy is something fundamental that makes this world a better place.

This project is something I always had in mind, one of the main reasons that makes me adore bodyboarding so much is the joy and the fun it provides to a person regardless of their skills. The smile on their face after simply catching a good wave or coming out of a barrel is something priceless and it is this happiness and satisfaction, I want to help people to reach. It doesn’t matter if you never rode a bodyboard before or if you want to improve your skills to become a professional athlete or even just discover a new place using bodyboarding as an excuse, the purpose of this project is to give a unique experience and an opportunity to spend a week chasing waves together and simply live the best things that bodyboarding has to offer us.

I honestly can’t wait to have you at COSTES CAMPS and start this adventure,

Pierre-Louis Costes.

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COSTES CAMPS was built to offer the best bodyboarding experience to everyone, Pierre-Louis Costes launched this project to share his love and passion for bodyboarding to any person curious about the sport or looking to improve their riding, EVERYBODY is welcome!

Based in Portugal, one of the most consistent country in the world for waves and home of a large variety of ideal set-ups for bodyboarding, you will get to discover and explore the beautiful western region of the country.

All days will be most likely different and centered around the forecasts and surf conditions, we are limiting our camps to two people so you can have the best attention from Pierre-Louis Costes adapted to your skills and any of your wants and need. The experience will be tailor-made, just for you. The purpose of the camps is to give you the best experience possible from your stay and make sure you have an amazing time inside and outside the water so you can leave with a smile on your face, great memories and cool stories to tell your friends and family at home.

COSTES CAMPS is basically for you an opportunity to spend a full week riding waves and discovering the beautiful country of Portugal with Pierre-Louis Costes and receive tailor-made advice from 2 times Bodyboarding World Champion, a lifetime experience and a chance to share your passion of bodyboarding with one of the best bodyboarder in the world.

We are looking forward having you join us Costes Camps.

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